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Expedition - "Hasanlu Lovers"


Has Sound

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Film Description:In this edition of Expedition video, Page Selinsky and Janet Monge tell us the history of the Penn Museum excavations in Hasanlu. At the site, two skeletons where discovered in an affectionate position, sparking endless questions. In this video we try to answer one of those questions with skeletal evidence and recent DNA research. Please note that this video contains photos and video of human skeletons.

This digital content is based on an article from Expedition Magazine Fall 2017, Vol. 59.2, available for Penn Museum members.

Correction: The Hasanlu Lovers remains were excavated in 1972, but accessioned into the Penn Museum collections in 1973.
Video Category:Educational
Video Date:10/17/2017
Contributor: Janet Monge
Tags: Archaeological sites | Assyrian | Hasanlu | Iran | Physical anthropology | University Museum expeditions

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