Great Myths and Legends: Genghis Khan: Barbarian Conqueror or Harbinger of Democracy

Category: Lecture

Length: 50:22
Video Date 12/02/2015
Film Description Dr. Morris Rossabi, Senior Research Scholar, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Columbia University

The world has generally viewed Genghis Khan as a barbaric conqueror whose troops raped and murdered hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people and pillaged and often destroyed villages, towns, and cities throughout Asia and Europe. However, several popular writers have recently portrayed him as an advocate of democracy, international law, and women's rights. Morris Rossabi, Senior Research Scholar, Queens College, Columbia University, offers this illustrated lecture, which seeks to provide a balanced depiction of Genghis Khan and to explain the reasons for the myths that have developed about the man and the Mongolian people who established the largest contiguous land empire in world history.
Video Category Lecture
Contributor(s) Morris Rossabi