Topple: The Reckoning and Re-Imagining of Contemporary Monuments

Category: Lecture

Length: 36:17
Video Date 10/07/2020
Film Description As America in the throes of a historical reckoning over its monuments during its most volatile election year in memory, Farber explores how democracy lives and languishes through its sites of memory. By focusing on current and former monuments in Philadelphia, Richmond, and Washington D.C., these three capital cities (Colonial, Confederate, Federal) are read as frontlines for a collision course in the ways we write history in public and strive to connect symbols and systems of justice. Through this lecture, Farber aims to illuminate stories forecasting the next generation of monuments emerging through art, activism, and struggle today.

Paul M. Farber, Ph.D., is Artistic Director and Co-Founder of the Philadelphia-based Monument Lab. He also serves as Senior Research Scholar at the Center for Public Art and Space at Penn’s Weitzman School of Design. Farber is the author of A Wall of Our Own: An American History of the Berlin Wall (University of North Carolina Press, 2020) and co-editor with Ken Lum of Monument Lab: Creative Speculations for Philadelphia (Temple University Press, 2020).
Video Category Lecture