MANSA MUSA: A Revolutionary view of Education & Wealth In 14th Century Mali

Category: Lecture

Length: 49:53
Video Date 11/03/2021
Film Description Around 1312 CE, Kankan Musa, Sundiata’s nephew, assumed the throne of Mali—one of the most important empires in West Africa long before the arrival of Europeans. He took the royal name Mansa Musa. It is during Musa’s reign that Mali reached a new high point. Follow Musa’s journey from his assumption of power to ruling the wealthiest nation of the 14th century. This lecture will include clips from Dr. Zuberi’s latest documentary on the life of Mansa Musa, Before Things Fell Apart, and reflections on his forthcoming book, Black Bodies in Word: Ciini Bibi.

About the Speaker
Tukufu Zuberi is the Lasry Family Professor of Race Relations and Professor of Sociology and Africana Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. He is dedicated to bringing a fresh view ofculture and society to the public through various platforms. Dr. Zuberi is the writer and producer for African Independence, an award-winning feature-length documentary film that highlights the birth, realization, and problems confronted by the movement to win independence in Africa. The story is told by channeling the voices of freedom fighters and leaders who achieved independence, liberty, and justice for African people. With this and other documentary film projects, Dr. Zuberi is dedicated to bringing a critical, creative vision not typically seen or heard to the big and small screen.
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