Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Indian Revolution: Fighting Caste, Gender, Sexuality and Forging a New Womanhood

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Film Description Dr. B.R. Ambedkar (1891-1956) was an important revolutionary political thinker, anti-caste activist, intellectual, architect of India’s constitution, and formidable leader of modern India. Ambedkar famously called for the annihilation of the hierarchical caste order to create a just society based on liberty, equality, and fraternity. His critique of caste was deeply connected with gender, sexuality, labor, and the new Dalit political. His thoughts are most significant in the present times of strengthening right-wing Hindu fundamentalism, rising caste-based gendered and sexual violence, increased lynching of Dalits and Muslims, and amidst a new resurging wave of Dalit and anti-caste politics.

About the Speaker
Shailaja Paik, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Department of History at the University of Cincinnati. Her research and teaching interests lie at the intersection of a number of fields: modern South Asia, Dalit studies, gender and women's studies, social and political movements, oral history, human rights, and humanitarianism. As a historian, she specializes in the social, intellectual, and cultural history of Modern India. Dr. Paik’s current research is funded by the American Council of Learned Societies Frederick Burkhardt Fellowship, StanfordHumanities Center, National Endowment for the Humanities: American Institute of Indian Studies Senior Long-term Fellowship, and a Taft Center Fellowship.
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