“Conquer or Die”: Boudica’s Revolt of 60-61 AD

Category: Lecture

Length: 58:16

Video Date 05/04/2022
Film Description Nearly twenty years after the Roman conquest of Britain a revolt broke out among the Iceni, a tribe inhabiting modern Norfolk. The revolt was led by Boudica, the warrior queen whose story has become the stuff of legend. In this lecture, we try to sort fact from fiction, investigating the seeds of rebellion in Rome’s abusive administration and then examining how the legend of Boudica has continued to grow and change over the centuries.

About the Speaker
Jeremy McInerney, Ph.D., is Davidson Kennedy Professor of Classical Studies and Chair of the Graduate Group in Ancient History at the University of Pennsylvania. Since 1992, he has taught both undergraduate and graduate level courses including Greek History, Demosthenes, the Greek World after Alexander, Religion and the Polis, Greek Epigraphy, Polybius, Greek Sanctuaries, and, most recently, the SNF Paideia designated course, Rhetoric and the Community.
Video Category Lecture
Film Creator Jeremy McInerney