Dr. David O'Connor & Dr. Stuart Fleming on Mummies

Category: Educational

Length: 33:34

Film Description Dr. David O'Connor & Dr. Stuart Fleming examine ancient Egyptian Artifacts and discuss classifications of Mummies

This film features Dr. O'Conner and Dr.Fleming researching mummies in the University of Pennsylvania Anthropology and Archaeology Museum. Dr.O'Connor was the curator of the Egyptian section in the museum and discusses and explains the mummification process with Dr.Fleming throughout the film. Dr.O'Connor explains that usually the term mummy refers to ancient Egyptians but there are other mummifications throughout the world. There are three stages of mummification when dealing with ancient Egyptians and there are many meanings to each step in the process, which he discusses in great detail. There are also religious and political meanings for the certain ways that the ancient Egyptians were mummified. Dr.O'Connor ends the film with the discussion of the future of mummification, saying that there are still many tombs in Egypt that need to be discovered. Also, we as Anthropologists and Archaeologists want to study the health and mortality rates of these mummies more in depth, and as technology grows they will be able to do that. Eventually the main goal of studying mummification will be to see help us understand the relationships better of the people who lived in ancient Egypt.
Video Category Educational