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Circumnavigation #1: (1950)


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Film Id:F16-0750
Film Description:Edited travelogue
with narrative titles
Circumnavigating the Earth


Edited travelogue
with narrative titles
Circumnavigating the Earth

"Maps and movies upon the wall Do not mean a thing at all To those who see but charted spaces Separating lands and races. But movies to Circum's who've traveled far From homeland heath to alien star, Flash back a thousand starried gleams Of deserts, jungles, peaks and streams. For never a Circum's heart but flames To see in movies enchanting names; To us who've circled land and sea, Such pictures are wings of wizardry!"
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Arthur and Kate Tode (Kahop)
Topics:Circumnavigation, Tourism, Touring, Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Singapore, Funerary practices, Funerary rites
Tags: Australia | Circumnavigation | Funerary practices | Funerary rites | New Zealand | Singapore | Tasmania | Tourism
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