Arthur and Kate Tode (Kahop) Honeymoon #1: (1930)

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Length: 1:13:17
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Edited travelogue
with narrative titles
Circumnavigating the Earth
New York to Europe to Asia to the Pacific to Hawaii, back home
From film can notes:

s/s Ansonia to Egypt

Inter-titles of film as follows:


A Kahop Film of 1930
Reel No. 1




by Kahop

"No smoking please"

Kahop films are uncensored and no rights reserved

The Kahop Journey Around the World to:
Soudanese Frontier
Arabia Petrea
Afghanistan Frontier
Nepal Frontier
Federated Malay States
Straits Settlements
and the good old
U. S. A.

Not without some reluctance did we leave "Home Sweet Home"

Good-bye was bid to Grassy Sprain.

When the S/S "Conte Grande" sailed from New York on January 4, 1930

And along went "KAHOP" on their "Trip of a Lifetime"

A Kahop Film of 1930
Reel No. 2

Gibraltar the Impregnable

Algiers French North Africa

Naples and its ancient monarch of destruction

A visit to "Little Vesuvius"

The old amphitheatre at Pozzuoli

The Bay of Naples from Posilippo

On the Majori mountain road

Along the famous Amalfi Drive to Salerno

The famed Greek Temples of Paestum at sunset.


The Cappuccini Convento at Amalfi

The S/S "Ausonia" is bound for Egypt

The rugged coast of Sicily off Syracuse.

"Threshold of the East"

Approaching Cairo- the great Mosque of Mohamed Ali in the distance

Shepherd's Famous Hotel

A tour thru the bazaars of Africa's largest city.

The Sultan Hassan Mosque

The Mosque of Mohamed Ali

The Mohammedan Mosque of Amr -- oldest in Cairo

A visit to the Isle of Roda where Moses was found.

Here is located one of the oldest "Nileometers"; an ancient gauge for determining the height of the Nile and still in service

But two monuments remain to prove the site of Egypt's great capitol at Memphis 6000 years ago: "The Fallen Rameses" and "The Alabaster Sphinx"

The Step Pyramid at Sakharah.

On the edge of the eternal desert's sad illimitable waste stand the Pyramids of Gisa.

"Camel Philosophy"
If you stand in front of him he can't kick you. If you stand behind him he can't bite you.

The Sphinx.
Most incomprehensible of all Egypt's monuments

Looking backward thru the ages into the dimness of the future


Seven hundred miles up the River Nile on board the S/S "Damietta; the start from Asyut.

From earliest times the Nile has been a busy highway for the commerce of the world

The great Temple to Hathor at Denderah

The only picture of the one and real Cleopatra in all Egypt

It is a hard working crowd that follows and listens to the fat Dragoman about the tombs and temples of Upper Egypt

The S/S "Damietta" continues to voyage up the Nile.

--- and arrives at Luxor

The Temple at Luxor was founded by Amenhotep III, and dedicated to the god Ammon, his wife, Mut, and their son, the moon-god Khensu.

The great Hall of Columns at Luxor Temple.

The collonade of the Temple at Luxor was built and decorated by Tutankhamen

The Temple at Thebes

The Valley of the Tomb of the Kings

Overhanging the debris-strewn royal graveyard of the Valley of the Kings is el Qorn, a natural pyramid.

Entrance to the Tomb of "King Tut".

The entrance to Rameses VI Tomb

Entertainment at lunch time

Wonders of the Past-- an Egyptian mummy comes to life!

The Colossi of Memnon at Thebes

Scenes at the stupendous Temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Der al-Bahari

Storied sentinels of the western plain of "Hundred Gated Thebes."

A visit to the great Temples of Karnak.

Colossal pillars in the court of the Temple of Rameses III at Karnak

The Queen Hatshepsut Obelisk at Karnak is the tallest in the world.

View of the massive central columns of the great Hypostle Hall

The town-folks and the Temple at Esneh
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Film Creator Arthur and Kate Tode (Kahop)
Topics Gibraltar, Algiers, Naples, Egypt, Alexandria, Cairo