China trip; Thailand and China

Category: Travelogue

Length: 1:04:28
Film ID F16-0736
Film Description


Edited travelogue with narrative titles
Buddhist temples
Title: Wat Arun
Title: Palace area
Exterior views
Title: Throne and Palace
Exterior views, stupa like structure and pavilion
Title: Model of Angkor Wat
More temple views
Title: Classical Siamese Dancing
Performance of classical Thai dance
Title: Angkor Wat Ruins in Cambodia
Exterior view
Title: Entrance to Angkor Thom
Exterior view
Title: The Seven Headed Naga
Seven headed snake sculpture (Naga)
Many seated buddhas or bodhisatvas from behind
[Mrs Dixon] in a pith helmet and romper tickling the chin of a sculpture
Title: Fromager trees have done irreparable damage
Pan shot of trees grown in to temple structures
Garuda figure
Title: Angkor Thom
Exterior views
Title: Angkor Wat
Exterior views
Title: Narrow steps lead to the inner temple
Tourists in pith helmets descending steep steps with assistance
Mrs Dixon with Cambodian children
Buddhist monk
Title:Cambodian dancers
Dancers perform in front of Angkor Wat in full ceremonial dress
Gamelan and drum band
Two male dancers in Hunlaman [Hanuman, the Monkey General] costumes
Lady dancers return with fans
Two child dancers
Another male costumed dancer
Dancers thank the audience
Title: Saigon, French Indonesia
Street scene, cathedral, car and rickshaw
Title: Municipal theater
French Beaux-Arts style building
Street scenes with varieties of transport
Scenes near the wharf
A procession with signs in Chinese
Very fancy palanquins rest on the road, a crowd around them
Street Scenes
Title: Botanical Garden
Swans in a pond
Title: Hauling Teak Wood
A caravan of teak on carriages
Title: A Motor Trip for Saigon to Dalat,[Đà Lạt] Quinhon [Qui Nhơn] and Huế
Title: Wild deer
Landscape with deer
Title: Road building
People carrying dirt away by hand
Workers looking at movie camera and Mrs Dixon
Title: Irrigating and Working in the Rice Paddies
Spreading water from canals using ingenious bucket and rope method
Threshing by hand
Title: Hue
Title: An Old Chinese Tomb
Exterior views
Title: The River of Perfume [Sông Hương]
People carrying bundles over the river
A beachfront
Title: Hong Kong
Laundry drying above houseboats
Street scenes
Mothers with babies strapped on
Title: A Chinese Funeral
Military dress band followed by a Chinese music band
Three palanquins
Funeral bier is covered in red
Mourners in white caps
Title: Fishing Village of Aberdeen [Aberdeen floating village (Chinese: 香港仔水上人家)]
Fishermen and fisherwomen working with their catch
Title: In the market of Aberdeen on the island of Hong Kong
Market scenes
Title: Flying from Shanghai to Peking
[Footage is Black and White]
Pan of airplane, Chinese characters
People waiting to board, or standing by to observe. Most women have bound feet.
Title: A Rich Man's Funeral in Peking
Carrying paper machier likenesses of people to the funeral, in procession
Extensive procession with bands and decorative elements
Title: Chinese graves
Pan shot of mounds in a cemetery
Camels driven through the streets
Title: A Noted Old Garden in Peking
An upper class man playing with his dog in the garden
Elaborate garden with flowering trees and sculptures
Title: Temple and Altar of Heaven 天坛
Title: Believed to be the center of the Universe
Exterior views of Taoist temple in Beijing
Title: Winter Palace
Exteriors including detailed views of dragon tilework
Title: White Pine Round City Peking
Multiple tilt down shots of a variety of White Pine [yet it seems to be a deciduous tree.]
Title: Wedding procession
Wedding band
Palanquin carrying the bride
Title: Summer Palace
Dragon sculpture
Phoenix sculpture
Lake views
Breezeway windows, all different shapes
Lion sculpture
The Marble Boat [Qing Yan Fǎng], at edge of lake.
Gentleman appears to be telling Mrs Dixon's party not to film at an entrance
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Mrs. J. Shipley Dixon
Topics Bangkok, Thailand, Wat Arun, Thai Royal Palace, Thai dance, Dancing, Dance, Cambodia, Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Cambodian dance, Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Rice cultivation, Hong Kong, Funerary rites, Street life, Fishing, Marketplaces, Taoist temples, Beijing, Shanghai, Gardens, Winter Palace, Summer Palace, China