US Parade & Cerro de las Mesas Archaeological Site (1960)

Category: Expedition & Excavation Footage

Length: 21:49
Film ID F16-0714
Film Description Unedited travelogue/Vacation footage
Unknown locations
Scenes of a parade, a marina, seismic (?) tools, and archaeological excavation


United States travelogue film with archaeological dig. Unedited

Flotilla of boats with costumed kings and queens of a parade arrive.
On land, a parade with floats. Costumes include middle eastern harem women, etc.
SECOND SECTION Cerro de las Mesas, an archaeological dig
A valley with a long road, location unidentified
A car driving through a body of water.
Quiet town, people walking down unpaved main street.
Car makes its way down an unpaved grass road.
Cowboy on horse. Palm trees in distance
Carved Maya stelae with glyphs [?]
Two archaeologists digging at the site
Finding a pot with a lid
Video Category Expedition & Excavation Footage
Topics Parades, Flotillas, Archaeology, University Museum expeditions, Cerro de las Mesas, Mexico

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