Gripsholm Cruise I (1940)

Category: Travelogue

Length: 32:43
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(Continued on F16-0693)
Edited travelogue
with narrative titles
Gripsholm Cruise 1940
New York Harbor
San Bias Islands

Title: My cruise to the South Sea Islands
MS Kungsholm, Swedish American Line From New York Jan 20th, 1940
Tug boat breaks the ice in front of their boat in NY Harbor
Skyline of New York
Title: San Blas Islands Panama
Shot of the boat
Title: On these small coral islands lives one of the few Indian tribes which has preserved it's racial purity
An airplane flying over a small tiny island
Kuna men in contemporary western dress and children in canoes docked near homes, laughing
Tourists with Kuna children in traditional dress, among their homes
Kuna families. traditional applique work.
Kuna child pounding with a mortar
Embroideries displayed by people for sale.
Money offered to a woman.
A Kuna woman with her baby. Moves quickly from the frame when she sees she is being filmed.
Title: The red lines down the noses of the children are made with lipstick
Young Kuna girl with doll
Kuna man
Young Kuna girl with elaborate earrings and nose ring, staring back at camera.
Title: The Chief is the Law on the island
Kuna man with top hat
Kuna man and woman, he is wearing a western style hat as well
A Kuna woman doing applique work
Children of the village following a tourist
On an outrigger canoe at dock
A woman and baby MWS and CU
Boats at the dock
Title: We flew from Balboa to Guatemala
Airport and plane in Guatemala {Pan American Airways System sign on side]
Sky shots
Title Antiqua
Shots of cows being driven
Ruins of buildings
Old town shots
People walking with packages on their heads
Washing at the town cistern
Title: Lake Atitlan [Guatemala]
The lake
Town shots
A religious procession of indigenous [K'iche'?] men carrying an effigy of Mary
Title: Chichicastenango [Guatemala]
Marketplace shots
K'iche' Maya women wearing traditional woven textiles
Many marketplace scenes
Smoke in front of the cathedra;
Some men are cooking [?] on the steps
A giant bundle of corn husks on a man's back
Title: Acapulco
Scenes of the ocean from hotel balcony
Title: Honolulu
Hula dancing for tourists, grass skirts.
A man making palm hats on the grass. Out of focus
Dancing. Men in the back climbing up palm trees
Traditional hula with full clothing
Stopped at 25:00
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Mrs. J. Shipley Dixon
Topics New York Harbor, United States, San Bias Islands, Panama, Kuna people, Guatemala, K'iche' people, Acapulco, Mexico, Honolulu, Hawaii