Reel No. 4: Oceania (1940)

Category: Travelogue

Length: 43:50
Film ID F16-0691
Film Description Edited travelogue
with narrative titles


Edited travelogue
with narrative titles

Home movie travelogue footage; Winter to Spring 1940

Title "Crossing the Equator"
Title "Neptunus Rex"
Costumed King Neptune on his throne with Queen and lady attendants in grass skirts, on ship deck.
A pantomime play, story is unclear.
Men in costumes, some bathrobes, some grass skirts hazing three women, dumping in to swimming pool. Are these the losers? It is very unclear.
Putting shaving cream or soap on faces and dumping into pool. Looks unpleasant for the victims.
Title: Pago Pago, American Samoa
Street scenes, men in long wrappers, a marketplace.
Men riding by wearing kufi style hats
A topless woman dancing (tourism performance) together with banjo and guitar music
Views of the beach children. European tourists in the group
Outrigger canoes
More tourism performance dance. Views of the tourists from the side of the dancers
A woman taking an outdoor shower tries to shield herself from the camera.
Women performing dance for tourists.
Dances with boat paddles. Tourists attempting to learn.
The cruise shop on the bay
A provocative still photograph of a bare breasted woman, followed by a cartoon depicting a tourist looking through binoculars the sign says "Would you like to see SAMOA?..Ah who wouldn't like..."cut off
Title: Apia British Samoa.
Long boats in the water.
A tree.
A shipwreck.
Houses on the lawn
Children making a hand gesture to the camera, uncertain of meaning
Title: Tahiti
View of water's edge
Policeman on bike
Leaning palms by beach.
Distant mountains
Small dam
Title: Rugged Marquesas; Where we could not land at Hiva-oa
View of mountainous coastline
Rocks of a coastline with 1930s white painted graffiti eg. Nourmahal 1932 etc. latest date is 1938
Tourist women attempt to hula dance on deck
Title: Balboa; Canal zone.
Scenes of the Panama canal from afar
Title: Three toed sloth
Three toed sloth with a lady and then just hanging out
Boats at the docks.
Man carrying live birds as fowl
Melons in cards
Title: Canal zone.
Large stucco houses, American style. Rows of palms. American youth carrying books, possibly near a school.
Blooming tree
Title: Bogota Columbia
Large parrots
Flowery carriages in front of a church, a street car passing with Estrella Roja sign. (Part of the funeral entourage.)
Funeral hearse with glass encasement in front of church
Pan shot of small town zocalo below mountains.
Women washing clothes in the river
Neoclassical official buildings in Bogota
Street scenes
Marketplace, people buying vegetables. Some indigenous people at the marketplace
Bullfighting. Matadors enter the ring. Entire bullfight from beginning to end.Dragging the dead bull all around the ring at the end.
A second bullfight.
Airport Sign."Umca Medellin--Capital de Antioquilla then directional signs: Santiago Chile- Dos Dias. Nueva York--42 horas" etc
A mid-sized propeller plane coming in to land.
Pink or fuschia footage of US Navy ship. US Navy sailors coming in by launch boat.
Panama canal and locks working.
Funicular rail car climbing at steep angle.
Title: Haiti
Boys and young men near the boat diving for coins tossed by tourists on board.
Lady is sidesaddle on a donkey
Side saddle lady passes an impressive capital building
Attempting to start a car
Large boat
Title: And this is what we found at home April 13th 1940
Philadelphia estate garden in snow
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Mrs. J. Shipley Dixon
Topics Touring, Tourism, Tourism performance, Tahiti, American Samoa, Pago Pago, Apia, Samoa, Upolu, Marquesas Islands, Balboa, Panama, Zoos, Sloths, Marketplaces, Bogota, Columbia, Funeral rites, Bullfighting, Haiti