Europe, North Africa, Palestine (Reel No 1)(1930's)

Category: Travelogue

Length: 28:19
Film ID F16-0690
Film Description Edited travelogue
with narrative titles
St. Helena
Tristan Da Cuhna


Edited travelogue with titles, dated to the 1930s

Title: Madeira [Portugal]
Scenes of..
Title: One of the oldest gardens in Madeira
Lush foliage including towering flowered plants
In front of the Golden Gate Restaurant
Title: Algiers
Window views
A few shots of the city
Title: In the Kasbah
Marketplace scenes
Title: By motor car Naples to Pompeii
Ruins at the site featuring columns, in the shadows of Vesuvius
Title: House of Vecchi
Frescos; detailed
Title: Amalfi
Populated coastline
Title: Athens, Greece
Title: Olympic Stadium
Stadium attended by a guard in a traditional Greek costume
Title: Acropolis
Porch with caryatids
Mrs Dixon [?] with a young Greek boy in traditional dress
Title: Tower of the Winds
Semi interior views
Title: Palestine
Title: By train to Jerusalem
Landscape from train window, featuring olive groves
Pan of city of Jerusalem
Title: The Via Dolorosa
Scenes of the street and city life
All kinds of people in traditional dress
Minaret of a mosque
Church domes
Palestinian ladies wearing traditional embroidered scarves and veils
Rain, people walking
Title: View of the Mount of Olives,[Jebel az-Zeitun] The River Jordan and the Dead Sea.
Pan of distant Jerusalem, with Dome of the Rock [Masjid Qubbat As-Sakhrah]
Title: The garden of Gethsememe
Very old trees in a garden
Sheep on a bridge
Title: Bethlehem
Syrian, Coptic and Palestinian women and men in traditional dress, city scenes
Title: Cairo, Egypt
Distant pan of landscape
Title: The Citadel; Mohammed Ali Mosque
Tilt shot down of mosque from top of minaret
Lion fountains
The bazaar
Men playing backgammon
Shop keepers
Cairo street scenes
Title: The Sphinx and the pyramids of Giza
Scenes of
Title: On the river Nile
River shots as seen from a boat. Sailboats
Banks of the Nile
Title: Longwood; the Home of Napoleon Bonaparte at St. Helena
Lenticular footage of buildings
Boat on the water
Title: Tristan de Cunha
Off the south coast of South Africa, an archipelago, very little footage.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Mrs. J. Shipley Dixon
Topics Madeira, Portugal, Algiers, Algeria, Italy, Pompeii, Palestine, Jerusalem, Cairo, Egypt, St. Helena, Greece, Athens, Tristan Da Cunha, Touring, Tourism, Marketplaces, Mosques, Churches