Tihosuco and the Museo De La Guerra

Category: Lecture

Length: 27:55

Video Date 03/16/2011
Film Description Dr. Richard Leventhal, discusses in this lecture, Tihosuco and the Museo De La Decastas. A cooperative project has been started in Tihosuco to focus on the identification and preservation of some of the important remaining artifacts and symbols of the Caste War. The project falls under the auspices of the Museo de la Guerra de Castas and the Penn Cultural
Heritage Center of the Penn Museum and is initially focused upon the sites of Culumpich, Jacinto Pat's hacienda and the starting point for the rebellion, and the nearby town of La'al
Kaj, abandoned during the rebellion. This project will identify and preserve these sites and associated artifacts. At the same time, it will evaluate the economic future of the region,
creating a development model that will allow for both the economic sustainability of Tihosuco and the region, as well as Maya control of their heritage and their future.
Video Category Lecture
Contributor(s) Richard M. Leventhal