Various Arthur and Kate Tode (Kahop) Collection, Part II

Category: Travelogue

Length: 00:44
Film ID F16-0560
Film Description Various trading post signs and entrances:
Cameron Trading Post, Kerley Trading Post, & Red Lake Trading Post
Vacationers, etc


From the titles of the film

"Photographed by Kahop

Maps and movies upon the wall
Do not mean a thing at all
To those who see but chartered spaces,
Separating lands and races.
But movies to Circum’s who’ve traveled far
From homeland hearth to alien star,
Flash back a thousand storied gleams
Of deserts, jungles, peaks and streams.
For never a Circum’s heart but flames
To see in movies enchanting names;
To us who’ve circled land and sea,
Such pictures are wings of wizardry!

Greetings Brothers and Sisters"

Followed by a shot of monkeys
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Arthur and Kate Tode (Kahop)
Topics Monkeys, Film titles