Mexico I (1935)

Category: Travelogue

Length: 16:05
Film ID F16-0527
Film Description Unedited ethnography/travelogue
Village life
Aztec (?) Ruins


Unedited travelogue, see also related film F16-0526 (, likely by the same filmmaker. May be dated to 1920s

Weaving serapes
Village life
Washing clothes in the river
Bringing water in pots, carried on the head.
Pan of a small village with hanging moss from trees.
Landscape with river
Mission church with snow capped mountain in the near distance.
Women and children of a working family posing shyly in front of their home. (outside of a larger estate [?]
A tower shaped form with a landscape in the distance, Roman style aquaduct
Maya Antiquities
Video Category Travelogue
Topics Maya antiquities, Weaving, Serapes, Marketplaces, Textiles