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"Andean Archeology" (1952)


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Narrative titles


A survey of all of the best known ancient sites of the Andes
Title: Andean Archaeology, J. Alden Mason, Excavation funded by the Wenner Gren Foundation 1952
Title: Columbia excavations at Mosquera, near Bogota
Men standing around a site
Title: North Coast Peru
Title: Sugar Central, Hacienda Patopo, Chiclayo
Street scene, a cane sugar factory
Title: Lambayeque Valley ruins from the air
Airplane, then extensive site seen from above
Title: Lima environs
Title: Pachacamac
Site photos, sandy soil, newer structures
Long vistas with sites
Title: Cajamarquilla
Pan of landscape and site
Title: A flash flood on he highway
Looking at the flooded road and trucks and buses attempt to cross
Title: South Coast, Peru
Title: Ingenia, Nazca region
Pan of a green valley
Title: Ancient stone lines on the "pampa", Nazca region
Pan of site
Title: Tambo Colorado, Pisco valley
WS Panorama of site
MWS Panorama of site
Title: Graves at Paracas
Scattered bones all over the ground, not in separate burials
Title: Highlands of Peru
Title: Sierra Blanca and Huaraz
Mountainscape and town views
Quechua people in town
Title: Chulpa and Dr. Soriano Infante
Several scenes of a priest and some small children
Title: Cornell Social Research Center [cut off] and Dr. Alan Holmberg, Vicos
Compound and animals in foreground
Title: Cacaipampa. Huaraz region
Pan of site with stone walls
Title: Stone statues, Huaraz Museum
Interior is overexposed
Title: Cuzco and environs
A birds eye view
Street scenes. cathedral, cars
Title: The market
Quechua people
Title: Inca masonry
Striking scenes of ancient walls with people of the day walking between [ca 14:00]
Title: Colcompata
The site
Title: Sacsahuaman
The site
Title: Pucara and Tambo Machay
The site. A funny shot in the middle of someone sliding down the smooth slide rocks
Title: Kenko
The site
Title: Pikillacta
The site
Title: Travel scenes
Quechua people and other Peruvians outside of a train, loading
Title: Pisac, and Misa de los Alcaldes
Town center scenes, Quechua people. Gathering water at a fountain at the base of a giant tree
Title: Agriculture
Hoeing potatoes
Title: Ollantaytambo
The site
Title: Urubamba River and Machu Pichu
River and the site
Title: From Cuzco to La Paz Bolivia via Lake Titicaca
Various street and market scenes.
Video Category:Expedition & Excavation Footage
Topics:Mason, J. Alden, Mosquera, Columbia, University Museum expeditions, Quechua people, Archaeological sites
Tags: Archaeological sites | Columbia | J. Alden | Mason, J. Alden | Mosquera | Quechua people | University Museum expeditions
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