"Native Life in the Philippines" (1913)

Category: Produced Film

Length: 07:55

Film ID F16-0550
Film Description Partially edited, thus footage represents parts of the film "Native Life in the Philippines" by Dean C. Worcester, filmed by Charles Martin. most or all footage contained on F16-0551 and F16-0552 [Formerly known as Bontoc Igorot A].

Ceremonial dance, possibly a coming of age ceremony.(Ifugao) Offerings made to stone figures. Preparation of grain (grinding and winnowing) and carrying water from well in pots on top of heads. (Bontoc Igorot) Young girls dressing each others' hair in a line. (Bontoc Igorot) Men doing metal-smithing with a bellows system. Terraced fields Bathing in a stream. Mock combat between two warriors with shields, spear, and axe.(Bontoc Igorot) Gathering tubers in the field.(Bontoc Igorot) Musicians playing for a gathering.(Kalinga) Swarming locusts. Making baskets.(Bontoc Igorot) Gathering of reeds for the baskets.(Bontoc Igorot)

This is one reel of the film "Native Life in the Philippines" (1913) produced by Dean C. Worcester and photographed by Charles Martin. It may be that the footage here has been re-assembled and cut by unknown parties over the years. The footage for this film was in 2011 restored under a grant by the NFPF.
Video Category Produced Film
Film Creator Dean C. Worcester
Topics Cordillera (region), Phillipines, Bontoc people, Bontoc Igorot, Ifugao people, Kalinga people, Kalinga, Ifugao, Metal work, Metal smithing, Basket weaving, Dancing, Dance
Contributor(s) Charles Martin, photographer