Category: Travelogue

Length: 09:26

Film ID F16-0522
Film Description [Note that the footage is partially or wholly lenticular color, but not refiltered through a lenticular filter, hence it appears just as vertical stripes, as if scratched.]
This seems to be a reel connected with F16-0496; the Kahop film "A trip by air over the Hawaii Islands (1930)", which is not shot with the lenticular filter, likely this reel was intended to show similar scenes as if in color.

Kate Tode on deck with a dog
Kate and a friend with "Pussdad" (either Kate or Arthur's father)
A bay in Hawaii, foliage
The hotel on the bay
Bathers on the beach [note 1930 bathing costume fashion]
An upside down shot spliced in
Kate and friend, cu, on a volcanic mountain
The chauffeur playing a ukelele while Arthur serves "Pussdad" birthday cake, Pussdad goofing with the cake.
Inter-islands Airways
A plane marked "Maui"
Gardens of the hotel
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Arthur and Kate Tode (Kahop)
Topics Touring, Tourism, Hawaii, Surfing, Volcanos, Beaches, Air travel, Seaplanes, Birthday celebrations