Santiago, Etc.

Category: Travelogue

Length: 19:31
Film ID F16-0518
Film Description Unedited ethnographic footage
Easter festival
Chichicastenango (?)
village life


Guatemala. Film producer unknown, possibly by John M. Dimick, or Aubrey S. Trik, late 1940s or early 1950s.

Easter festival: Elaborate procession and reenactment with costumes of Roman soldiers and others.
Lake Atitlan
Loading pigs on to a boat.
People carrying large loads up hills.
Maya costumes for another festivity, including children as el tigre
Market places
Zaculeu, a Maya archaeological site. The dig was originally organized by the United Fruit Company, and carried out by John M.Dimick and others.
Video Category Travelogue
Topics Guatemala, Tourists, Easter festival, Lake Atitlan, Santiago, Huehuetenango, Village life, Textiles, Marketplaces, Antiquities, Maya antiquities, Maya people, K'iche' people, Quiché people
Contributor(s) Film producer unknown, possibly by John M. Dimick, or Aubrey S. Trik
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