Weavers of Afghanistan

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Length: 10:04

Film ID F16-0511
Film Description Family of Afghan weavers demonstrating carpet weaving techniques in the Harrison Rotunda at the Penn Museum. Presentation organized by Brian Spooner.


This film depicts the work of the Bad-Ghisi family, Turkmen Afghanis, who came to the United States and Penn Museum to demonstrate weaving techniques prevalent in 1973 in their area. The weavers were brought to the US by Brian Spooner and Mary Martin. The weavers visited Philadelphia for three months, from April to June 1973. Currently none of the family still live in Afghanistan.

There is an article that gives background information on the weaving that is depicted in the film, published in Expedition Magazine in winter 1973, written by Dr. Spooner. The article can be accessed here:
Video Category Exhibiton Related
Film Creator Brian Spooner
Topics Afghanistan, Turkmen Afghanis, Bad-Ghisi family, Penn Museum, Weaving