Bodega and 1967 Misc.

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Length: 20:50
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Unedited footage
Airstrips and Bodega tourists
Ann Chowning
Norman Johnson
Plane departures

From early cataloging:

[0:00-1:44] same as [6:43-8:27] from 1959 Tikal #2
"Bob Carr and Felipe surveying for new houses at House Mounds, with Saw-Mill to North of them, Pancho and Ramon cleaning brush in this area, (about June 1st). The Tikal Airport Bodega and shacks, May llth.
Tourists arrive at Tikal.
[1:44-4:25] same as [13:22-16:28] from 1959 Tikal #2
What the tourists see: Ann Chowning at work on House Mounds, Burial 20 with skeleton, Burial 21 with Pottery. Rudy Buse, grandson of Dr. Kidder, watches her work,
Philip Auerbach lectures a group of Tourists at the House Mounds (Note bad "ghosting" and use of freeze frames)
[4:25-9:19] same as [8:27-13:22] from 1959 Tikal #2
Nettie (Benedicta) Levine, and Bill Havilland depart, with Mary Ricketson, a Priest (black robe and red sash), Mosiah, Edgard Jenneau (movie director talking with Priest), Vivian Broman, (Mrs. Morales), George Guillemin, Tono Ortiz seeing them off,
May 13 Police Captain Marroquin escorting a group of young "Chapinas" (High
School Girls?) returning from a tour of the ruins; colorful youngsters (note policemen)
May 17 Ed Shook and Mary Ricketson and others departing, (same day as visit
by President Ydigoras), with Stuart Scott, Vivian Broman, Bob Carr, George Guillemin and Tono Ortiz to see them off„ Plane takes off in dust
and big wind, leaving the Bodega and shacks behind. A second plane takes off.'
[9:19-10:53] same as [16:28-17:50] from 1959 Tikal #2

Norman Johnston at Pyramid Temple II, on platform, copying the sculptures’ masks in detail, using a grid to eliminate perspective,

Views (close and far) of a pyramid surrounded by scaffolding
[12:13-13:32] same as [17:50-end] from 1959 Tikal #2

Scenes—Cibal Aguada and the camp. Marquez on a trail. Marquez at the big Ceiba tree. Cat?-Pacaya berries. Red and yellow berries of the spiny Bayal palm vine Same with Marquez

[13:32] Family pictures , Jose Maria Marquez Lopez , Oct 1962 wife Maria del Carmen Gonzalez, daughters Olga. Mirtala (age 15)^ Angelita (10), Aura Odelia (4), sons Daniel (8), jose (3) Raul (1))
Father Daniel Mother Angela^ brother Eugenio, sister Leticia brother's wife Susana and children, Elvira, Bertha, Maria Angelita, Rene Esperansa, and a boy friend Antonio.
Ends with short run of Ortiz home, with Mrs. Herera, then Aura in pink dress, and Aura with Annabella (Oct. 1962). (not sure about this last bit, doesn’t match up perfectly)
Museum Courtyard; crowds milling around the museum; guests at the site; the view from one of the pyramids; guided tour."

Notes from other contributors:
Views of Aviateca, the C47, George Guillemin, Vivian Broman de Morales, Clarence Massaiah, several Penn students; pottery; Temple I and II reconstruction; some of the footage goes back to 1958
Video Category Expedition & Excavation Footage
Film Creator Tikal Project
Topics Field work, Tikal expedition, Guatemala, Archaeology, Maya antiquities, University Museum expeditions

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