Matto Grosso Fishing

Category: Expedition & Excavation Footage

Length: 13:30
Film ID F16-0503
Film Description Unedited or partially edited footage


This film represent outtakes from the film "Matto Grosso, the Great Brazilian Wilderness" (1931), filmed by Floyd Crosby and Arthur Rossi in 1930. There is no soundtrack for this footage, in contrast to the film itself, likely it is made up of cutaways.
This footage is mostly of Expedition members fishing.

Piranha fish held by an expedition member.
Piranha jumping out of the river
Fish on a line fighting to get free
George Rawls and unidentified man with a string of fish.
George Rawls hunting in a dugout canoe
Rawls with a local man reeling in a fish. Local man spears fish as it gets close.
Rawls in the dugout again, paddled by a São Lourenço Bororo man.
Greeting São Lourenço Bororo people in the village by the river and showing off the catch. Wide shot and Medium shot. Likely staged. Seems to be transferred at a slower frame rate. (slo mo)
Bird fighting with snake
São Lourenço Bororo man fishing with bow and arrow
Follows a series of very short duration (few frames each, probably assembled trims).
Upside down water
Staged scene of man squatting by river
Video Category Expedition & Excavation Footage
Topics Mato Grosso, Brazil, Bororo people, São Lourenço Bororo people, Fishing, Matto Grosso Expedition