Tikal Copy 6

Category: Expedition & Excavation Footage

Length: 18:37

Film ID F16-0502
Film Description


Unedited or partially edited footage
Henry Gross through jungle
Unloading of planes
building well (?)
Playing soccer (football)
General set-up


Unedited footage, some duplication with Tikal 1957 and 1958, and 1959.
From earlier cataloging:
"A copy. March 1957.
Setting up and starting the drilling machine; start of (second or 3rd?) hole in search of water; location chosen by water-dowser Henry Gross.
Includes Jim Hazard, Jose Marquez, and oil-drill expert,
(& Nestor?,& Dr. C. L. Lundell?).
[8:25-12:34] same as 1957 Tikal [0:00-4:10]
April 11—Guatemala's Pres. Armas arriving on plane & unloading at Tikal;
(taken by Charlie Barr, 1957; a very short shot).
[12:34-15:28] same as 1959 Tikal #2 [3:50-6:43]
Football practice, general views and some close up views (about June 14th)
[15:29-16:59] same as 1958 Tikal [0:00-1:31]
Bert Noble's private plane, flown from California to Tikal.
Vivian Broman & Olga Hazard.
Vivian Broman.
Bert Noble and George Guillemen0
Bert & Vivian.

[17:05-end] same as 1958 Tikal [3:08-4:45]
Plane Table Survey—Jim Hazard and men."
Video Category Expedition & Excavation Footage
Film Creator Tikal Project
Topics Field work, Archaeological field work, Tikal, Guatemala, Antiquities, Maya antiquities, University Museum expeditions