"Going to the Tikal Ruins"

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Length: 18:14

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Edited footage of early Tikal Project


Edited film: “Going to the Tikal Ruins” [Transcribed from early catalog notes]

[1:33-2:24] same as [2:40-3:11] from 1959 Tikal #3 but too slow. A car driving through the forest.
[2:24-3:23] same as [2:50-3:50] from 1959 Tikal #2
Leaving camp for work after lunch about May 10th.
[3:23-3:42] same as [1:36-1:56] from 1959 Tikal #2
Tikal workers quitting work and loading on to truck at the Great Plaza.
picturesque roads; early morning, foggy, camp scenes; Max [?] and [unidentified [person] cleaning water tanks, building a roof/thatching.
[7:16] Morley Museum. Home of museum director, Rafael Morales, and Vivian (his wife) and scenes at the Museum during construction; Rafael Morales and Ted Crocker present.(Oct '62).
18 Feb 1964: Arrivals at the airfield. Lucy Hampstead, Barbara Aldana, Joya Hairs, Police chief Colonel Mamirto Nigrere Castelon, Aubrey, Vivian’s aunt, Virginia Green, Ginny Shook, Helen Webster, Eric and Mrs. Thompson, Don Carlos Samayou Chinchilla, Colonel Oliverio Casola,(FYDEP) Rolando Chinchilla Aguilar, Colonel Armando Chavarria Gularte (Governor of Peten), Antonio Tejeda Fonseca, Virginia Morley Brooks, Adolfo Molina Orantes, Frederick (Pat Crocker), Wm. Coe, Hattula Moholy-Nagy, Peter Harrison, Grojeda Mena,(artist) Wilson Popenoe, Ramon Blanco (news), Dale and Mrs. Nichols, and many others.
Scenes inside Museum: - Crocker, Chema, Morales and others, installing Stela 3 display of Wayne Trimm's paintings; white Stela 32 (Mexican?, rain-god Tlaloc; the Patio; many, visitors inside. Pictures of parrots
Scenes outside of Museum; Lucy Hemp stead setting up luncheon area; John and Laurie McBride with pet spider-monkey; the Tikal Marimba; dancers Joya Hairs and Pete Harrison, Ginny Shook, Helen Webster, Virginia Greene, and others.
A Guided Tour.,_ by Antonio Ortiz (Tono): At Group E "Twin-pyramid" Complex Q, October 1962 Tono and two young Mormon missionaries Richard Barlow and Kirk Jones; rebuilt pyramid 36, un-worked pyramid 38, the Enclosure with Stela 22, and Altar 10. At Great Plaza, Temple IV; Stela 10 (of many dates); Stela 11 (most recent date, 869 A.D.); climbing over North Acropolis to rear of Pyramid 33 and Stela 31 (now in Morley Museum); jungle views north from. Acropolis; Complex N. with Stela 16 and Altar 5; same with other tourists (Lucia and Travis Freeman?) Annabella and Tono's agent Anulfo Gongora and his two boys crowding the Land-rover; and again with still larger group
(Feb. 1964); Complex P with Stela 20 and Altar 8 in Group H; at Rock Sculpture on Maler Causeway; climbing Temple IV views from IV to Temples I, II and IV; Temple of the Inscriptions or Temple VI, and its Altar 9 views Temple I from II.
Camp Scenes_: Alfonso Mora; and Smithe's bird-blind on Naranjal road; Director's Cottage; Marques to airfield, storm over field and at Aguada Tikal; rain pouring off thatch roof of dormitory (October 1962).
Video Category Produced Film
Film Creator Tikal Project
Topics Tikal, Guatemala, Antiquities, Maya antiquities, Coe, William R. II, Archaeological fieldwork, Fieldwork, University Museum expeditions, Smithe, Frank