A trip by air over the Hawaiian Islands, 1930

Category: Travelogue

Length: 20:47

Film ID F16-0496
Film Description


Reel No. 37
Edited travelogue
with narrative titles
"Pussdad preferred to go by steamer" [Pussdad is a parent of Kate or Arthur]
Shots on the deck of the steamer with elder.
"But Kahop elected to travel by air"
Inter-island Airways structure
Seaplane taxis up
Getting in
"Old Diamond Head--guardian of the pacific"
Distant view of mountain
"The clouds hang low, the clouds hang high, over the Island of Oahu"
More distant landscapes, of Oahu.
A valley on the island
"Passing Kaunakakai Bay, Island of Molokai"
Interior shot of the airplane
"Island of Lanai far below"
Lānaʻi aerial shots
"Thru the clouds high over the island of Maui"
Coastline shots
"Good times at...."
Sign for Hilo Yacht club
Diving raft, next to fence in water?
"Now watch this one!"
Kate adjusting her swim suit then diving badly.
"Its always springtime in Hawaii"
Beach and coast
"A visit to the great volcanoes; some folk call 'em 'Just another hole in the ground'!"
Sign: Kilauea Iki. 770 feet deep. Active in 1868"
Kate and Arthur and elder with their costumed chauffeur at the volcano top.
"One of the largest craters is"
Sign: Halemaumau: House of everlasting fire, Hawaii National Park"
Pan of giant crater, other signs
"Isn't this crater mouth 'some hole' in the ground?"
Long view shot of craters
Another sign, The great boulders were thrown out in the explosive eruption of 1924
"Here is located the home of the 'Hole in one Golf Club' (We all qualified)"
Playing golf on a volcano rim. All driving balls in to the crater.
"Bobby Jones has nothing on this"
"Old Man volcano and two baby craters"
Posing with elder
"Pussdad and Kahop return to Honolulu"
Boarding seaplane
"Why everyone loves the Hawaiian Islands"
Coastline aerial shots
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Arthur and Kate Tode (Kahop)
Topics Hawaii, Hilo, Touring, Tourism, Lānaʻi, Oahu, Kilauea Iki, Halemaumau, Molokaʻi, Air travel, Seaplanes, Golf, Volcanoes