1930 Singapore to Hong Kong

Category: Travelogue

Length: 15:23

Film ID F16-0494
Film Description


Reel No. 32
Edited travelogue
with narrative titles
"the M/V "van Heutsz" ploughs steadily along under sunny skies for land of revolutions, missionaries, and chop suey."
On board the ship, Kate Tode and others
Title: "The vessel carries 2500 deck coolies homeward bound to China from their labors in the South Sea Island plantations, and also.."
Asian men seem to be cleaning guns and polishing or sharpening objects on deck
Title:"Tom Dick and Harry"
A monkey a cat and a dog leap off of a deck chair
Title:"But they are great friends just the same"
And again being posed on the chair
Title:"To keep them out of mischief, Dick and Harry share one chain between them"
Monkey and dog are connected
Title: "Monkey sees..Monkey does"
Both scratching
Title: "Captain J. Groothoff (of gin sling fame) invites us to inspect the below deck quarters of 2500 coolies"
Asian families with children in steerage class
People eating on deck
Title: "A sea-going coolie cafeteria"
People napping, and sitting, crowded conditions.
Title:"Coming in to Hong Kong harbor"
Varieties of Chinese boars
Title: "Services of a sailmaker urgently needed here.(Nautical school graduates welcomed)"
Junk with tattered sails
City of Hong Kong from harbor
Title:"Scores of native boats hover around the van Heutsz even before the mud anchor is dropped"
Boats near the ocean liner
Title: "How would you like to be this kid"
[Fuzzy] shot of a woman poling a boat with a baby attached to her back in a sling.
Title: "Cheap rent! Whole families live on each boat"
Pan of houseboats and junks, one with a steaming kitchen aboard.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Arthur and Kate Tode (Kahop)
Topics Ocean travel, Tourism, Touring, Hong Kong, China, Steerage class, Workers, Migrant workers, Chinese diaspora, Harbors