1957 Tikal

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Length: 19:29

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Unedited footage of the Tikal Expedition.
Smithe No. P4, 1957, 400 ft., 16 mm., color; a copy, 14 minutes.

April 11—Guatemala's Pres. Armas arriving on plane & unloading at Tikal;
(taken by Charlie Barr, 1957; a very short shot).

March lO — Tikal arrivals (taken by FBS); The American School; The President's wife, Mrs. Armas & her party (in blue with white peaked cap); party supplies, setting up luncheon, close-up & telescopic views Mrs. Armas, Mrs, Carlos Ramirez, Mrs, Ramiro Gereda Asturias & others.

Tikal, Guatemala, 1957

Views of Pyramid #5 from Building #14 (now #65); Views of Pyramid #1.from side;

Views of Pyramid #1 from plaza;

Views of Pyramid #1, bottom, center and top with Ray Paynter climbing.

Main Plaza with Stela #10 and Bill Coe, Temple #3 (and roof— comb)

Pyramid #2

March 17—Jaguar or large ocelot and hunter, and Ed Shook, and Ramiro

Gereda Asturias, and hunter again.

Ray Paynter and Frank Smithe start (duplicated in 2 routines) from their outdoor laboratory on a collecting hunt. Ray Paynter alone. "Charlie" Barr and his camera.

March 26—Frank Smithe & Marquez at work preparing bird skins; Bat Falcon—

Roadside Hawk—Wood-quail—Trogon—Squirrel Cuckoo—Kiskadee—
Toucan—Painted Bunting—Scaled Pigeon—etc—(George Helton's "red" reel).

March 20—Dr. Fernando Aldana treating workers at Tikal Camp.

March 20—Departure Dr Fernando Aldana, Ray Paynter, Col. Asturias.

Visitors Mr, & Mrs Morgan & son, Ed Shook, Vivian Broman at Group E.

Series of Bill Coe and Vivian Broman excavating at site of small Pyramid at 7F30 and broken Stela #23, Three lenses used in this sequence, including telephoto 3, and a wide angle lens.

Bill Coe getting haircut (courtesy Vivian Broman),

Dr. Froelich Rainey and Frank B, Smithe examine black and white owl, 21 March 1957

Dr. Froelich Rainey, Henry Gross the famous "water-dowser", Ed Shook, Jim Hazard, on water searching project; Kenneth Roberts recommended Gross highly,

March --Setting up drill, short sequence: (see separate reel No. 4x, 100 ft, for full drilling pic.) for start of (2nd or 3rd hole in search for water; location chosen by H. Gross.

Unloading large sawmill parts.

The limestone quarry.

Miscellaneous of Aguada Tikal after cut down of brush & before
burning. on & after 8 April; and Tikal Camp scenes.

Two early morning fog and overcast scenes.
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