1956-57 Tikal Early Pyramids

Category: Expedition & Excavation Footage

Length: 16:18

Film ID F16-0476
Film Description Edited footage
with narrative titles
2nd Tikal
"Twin pyramid complex of stela(?) 22 Altar 10 - Tour visit to it when finished"


“Telescopic views from Pyramid #4, about 229 feet original height. To Pyramids #1 and 2, about 150 feet original height.
To Pyramid #3, about 178 feet original height.
To Pyramid #5, about 188 feet original height.
Pyramid #1, view from the Plaza area. Notice rope to aid climing [sic] steep Pyramid staircase rubble
Views from Pyramid #1, To Pyramid #2 center, #4 to right, #3 to left
To Pyramid #3 (upper area is a “roof comb” on top of the Temple)
Irving Contrall collecting insects at ruined walls surrounding the newly discovered Stele #22 and its Altar. Found March 29, 1956.
Date of the erection of this fine Mayan monument is Jan. 22, 771 A.D. It is nearly 1,200 years old and in very good condition.
Cleaning the Stele - Ed Shook and Paul Basch
Cleaning the Altar - Frank Smithe
A Guided Tour by Antonio Ortiz (Tono): At Group E "Twin-pyramid" Complex Q, October 1962 Tono and two young Mormon missionaries Richard Barlow and Kirk Jones.
Video Category Expedition & Excavation Footage
Film Creator Tikal Project
Topics Tikal, Guatemala, Antiquities, Maya antiquities, Coe, William R. II, Shook, Edwin M, Archaeological fieldwork, Fieldwork, University Museum expeditions, Contrall, Irving, Smithe, Frank, Basch, Paul