1951 & 1958 Cruises Norway

Category: Travelogue

Length: 18:27

Film ID F16-0461
Film Description Partially edited travelogue
(extensive hand-written notes in can)


Molde- pier scenes.
Molde and children dances.
Tromso harbor and mountains.
Mountain scenery.
Hjelmsytauren (?) Bird rock.
Honningsvag- most northern village, 90 degree lattitude.
North cape in fog. (1958)
Fjords and mountains.
Trondheim and harbor.
Cataracts at Leirfoss Falls.
Kate and lilacs.
Norwegian bride costume -at Lake Stryon.
Kahop and polar bear at Hammerfest.
Fjords and mountains (1958)
Gudvengen and waterfall. (1958)
Valley at Stalheim (1958)
Videseter Hotel.
Outdoor kitchen at hotel.
Kitten at flume at hotel.
Merok- Stella Polaris at anchor.
Merok- high waterfalls.
Shimmering sea near North Cape.
Midnight sun at North Cape on horizon.
Midnight sun.
Stockholm; pier scenes and Margarita Heimberg. (1958)
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Arthur and Kate Tode (Kahop)
Topics Norway, North cape cruise, Dancing, Dance, Finland, Hammerfest, Stockholm, Sweden, Touring, Tourism