The Cruise Movie - SS Independence on Maiden Voyage to Mediterranean, Part 2 (1951)

Category: Travelogue

Length: 13:56
Film ID F16-0458
Film Description Note: Part 1, can 1 of this 3 part series is missing.

Extensive notes on can.


From the film can notes of Bob Mathews, Steamship Photo Service Feb. 10th 1961
The notes are entirely his own and do not reflect current usage.

Acropolis, Greece Feb 27th 'Reminders of past glories'
Greece of old is now in ruins
Antiquities of ancient history

Haifa Israel March 1st 'A nation in the making'
New land of Israel from above
Modern industry flourishes
The Persian gardens (sic)
The over-all survey
Town hall
Refugees acquire new hope
A new town arises

Nazareth Israel March 2nd 'Where Christianity began'
Old, old city; a street scene.
Narrow street
Here an olive grove
The sea of Galilee

Jerusalem Israel March 2nd 'Holy city for many faiths'
This is the new city
And this- the old
More modern buildings

Tel Aviv Israel March 3rd 'New city, a new future'
1st all Jewish city of modern times (sic)
New construction all around us
Everybody is busy
Along the main thoroughfare

Larnaca Island of Cyprus March 4th 'Mediterranean beauty spot'
Some homes of Cyprus
A small village

Beirut Lebanon 'Chief port of all Syria' (sic)
Center of this main Lebanon city
A visit to the shopping center
The billboards were different
Some general views

Jerusalem Israel March 6th 'Our last farewell'
Damascus Gates in old walls

Cairo Egypt March 8th 'Ancient land of Pharoahs'
An Egyptian business section
Cairo's railway station
A bridge across the Nile
Natives we met in the street (sic)
Policeman aids a tourist
Cleopatra's river- the Nile
Fishing boats
The Sphinx
Pyramids in background
Drivers of camel trains
Off on our sightseeing
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Bob Matthews
Topics Acropolis, Greece Haifa, Israel Nazareth, Israel Jerusalem, Israel Tel Aviv, Israel Larnaca, Cyprus, Bierut, Lebanon, Cairo, Egypt, Pyramids, Ocean travel, Tourism, Touring

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