1934 Rio de Janerio and Trinidad

Category: Travelogue

Length: 18:05

Film ID F16-0429
Film Description Segments

An unedited travelogue film of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Port of Spain, Trinidad.

[Note that the footage is lenticular color, but not refiltered through a lenticular filter, hence it appears as black and white but just as vertical stripes, as if scratched.]

Rio harbor
A city park
Topiary, a chess set
Govermental and church buildings
Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer statue)
Handmade title : "Flying over Rio"
Aerial shots of Rio's bay, environs, then over the sea, and islands.
An aqua plane landed in the water.
Posing on a deck with the sign "Condor"
Handmade title "Trinidad"
Street scenes, Port of Spain. Trinidadian style Victorian architecture
Unidentified giant trees
Unidentified palatial building
Handmade title: Southern Prince
The cruise ship.
Unidentified lady [possibly Mrs. Dixon] playing with a tropical bird in a cage on deck
Ocean sunset
Handmade title: "Welcome home Palm Sunday, March 20th 1934"
Return to snowy Philadelphia [suburbs], a scene likely of Mrs. Dixon's garden coated in snow
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Mrs. J. Shipley Dixon
Topics Cruise ships, Tourism, Gardens, Parks, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Port of Spain, Trinidad, Ocean voyages, Philadelphia suburbs

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