Cyprus 1969 Reel 52 of 65

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:40
Film ID F16-0395
Film Description Reel 52 of 65
Unedited travelogue
Kolossi Castle


Cat. Reel 395 1969: Reel 52: Cyprus. June 18-19.
Lefkara, Kolossi Castle. Kourion.

Making lace by hand, using pink pillow to hold the lace (cu).
Lace making: note that there is little conversation among workers,
Samples of lace at a co-op store.
Kolossi Castle, en-route to Kourion (pan shot).
Castle: exterior walls (cu, pan shot).
Sugar mill or storage building: arched openings.
Sugar mill (distant shot).
Aqueduct arch: coat of arms at apex.
Castle: high rooms with alcoves.
Coat of arms.
Cistern opening.
Six projecting machicolations for pouring molten lead, hot oil, etc., on attackers.
Entrance, drawbridge.
Wooden locking device.
Curved wooden track for opening gate.
Cellar room: stone tables built into wall.
Spiral stone stairway: very dark interior.
Stone fireplace with brickwork above.
Machicolations: view through pouring holes.
Arrow ports at level of present top floor (mcu, cu).
Sugar mill: view from upper floor.
Projecting openings above drawbridge.
Broken mosaics (at Curium): geometric pattern.
Broken tile pipeline: note flange at end.
Mosaics: geometric design.
Large mosaic, possibly the best in Kourian (pan shot).
Large mosaic : birds (Dan shot).
Mosaic of a fish.
Mosaic of 3 birds.
Mosaic of a duck.
Mosaic fragments: 6 shots, good work.
Tile pipeline.
Mosaic of someone holding object that may represent a standard measure (it is actually very near the length of a late Roman foot).
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Lefkara, Kolossi Castle, Kourion, Lacemaking, Mosaics, Antiquities