Cyprus 1969 Reel 49 of 65

Category: Travelogue

Length: 16:51
Film ID F16-0392
Film Description Reel 49 of 65
Unedited travelogue
Peristerona ("Deaf school")
Vouni Castle


Cat. Reel 392 1969: Reel 9: Cyprus. June 15-17. Salamis. Peristerona(Deaf school).Vouni Palace.

Heat ducts of a bath (furnace below floor), (mcu, cu).
Fragment of painting of a woman on dome.
Mosaic in arch or ceiling.
Mosaic on inside surface af a dome, (men, cu, 100 mm).
Two white marble statues.
Black statue.
White marble statues.
Mosaic in small dome.
Mosaic: shoe, young lady.
Wall of theatre: stone arches or buttresses.
Mosaic in small dome (25 mm, 100 mm).
Theater: seats for honored guests and worn seats, (pan shot).
Small mosaic or painting in comer!
Words carved in stone.
St. Epiphanius Basilica: marble lined tomb.
Hexagonal stones in mosaic (in the Basilica).
Reservoir of Salamis (pan shot).
Stubs of forum pillars, ruins of Zeus temple in distance.
Lizard on wall of reservoir.
Stub of aqueduct pillar (served Salamis).
Cut-away burial mound of a king: white part is reconstructed.
Greek Orthodox Church at Peristerona (11th Century): exterior view, note domes, probable bell tower.
Altar implements.
Carved seat or altar.
Icon. Wood carving above icon.
Icon: picture includes fountain.
Modern home of unusual construction: living quarters below street level, many concrete steps and walks.
Weaving at deaf school: 8 treadles, note shuttle action of hand operated vertical looms.
Royal Palace at Vouni on mountain, showing archeological site, (pan shot).
Cistern opening: elaborate system of collecting and storing water.
Main room (Megaron): broad staircase, area for large drum that was
turned to raise bucket.
Cistern. Post and groove for well-drum.
Water collection system, (pan shot).
Tomb or receptacle. Cistern opening.
Hollows in stone floor for holding pots of water, grain, olive oil.
Stone wall construction: facing stones, rubble fill between facing
stones, cross-stone buttresses.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Salamis, Peristerona, Antiquities, Persian antiquities, Greek antiquities