A Minute with Marge Bruchac

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Length: 01:41

Film Description Dr. Margaret (Marge) Bruchac is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Coordinator of the Native American and Indigenous Studies Initiative at Penn. In this Exhibit Minute, she speaks about a freshman seminar she taught based on objects and themes in the Native American Voices exhibit.

About Native American Voices: The People—Here and Now
Leave preconceptions behind and discover a living tapestry of Nations with distinct histories and unexpected identities. In Native American Voices: The People—Here and Now, a new long-term exhibition at the Penn Museum, visitors can see over 200 objects from its expansive North American Collections. The exhibition challenges common Native American stereotypes and explores the many ways in which today's Native leaders are creating and maintaining religious, political, linguistic, and artistic independence. The 2,000 square foot exhibition tells important stories of Native American successes in achieving independence as sovereign (self-governing) Nations. Through old and new objects, video and audio recordings, and digital interactive opportunities, this exhibition allows visitors to develop a new understanding of the original inhabitants of this land, as told through Native American voices.

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