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Ethiopia 1969 Reel 12 of 65


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Film Id:F16-0355
Film Description:Reel 12 of 65
Unedited travelogue
Debra Dames


Reel 12 of 65
Unedited travelogue
Debra Dames
Cat. Reel 355 1969: Reel 12: Ethiopia. March 30-31. Debra Dames [?]. Axum. Yeha. Adwa.

Mesa of Debra Dames: west side (pan shot).
Thatched huts in village.
Mesa: west of Debra Dames.
Stone walled compound: stacks of straw.
Flat roofed stone houses.
Grain or herbs drying on skins.
Field of perpendicular rocks.
Mesa: similar to Debra Dames.
Skins: pegged, lying on ground.
Trees lean away from wind.
Geologic cones, worn mesa (pan shot).
Farmlands at base of domes (en-route to Yeha).
Woman, baby,; donkey.
Stone building: small chimney, earth covered roof.
Stone buildings (pan shot),
Village scenes: people, pots, conical straw hut.
Seventh Century Church (restored): entrance, stone steps.
Church: stone carving, insignia over door.
Five paintings: very dark church interior.
Church dome interior: painted wooden beams.
Wooden tripod candle holder.
Insignia over painted entrance door.
Straw hut on stilts: shelter for position to frighten birds.
Market place (in Adwa) (pan shot).
Measuring grain using a cup.
Vegetable line: many umbrellas.
Seeds, etc., with measuring cups (cu).
Market scenes (mcu).
Weaving: vertical foot treadle loom: treadle action, "string and
button" mechanism.
Hairstyling: note uniformity of braids (price depends on size of knots)
Kneading clay (Potter's wheel, modern tools, not much used: rather
shaped bone and piece of goatskin).
Forming base of pot, placing in dirt-dusted bowl (non-stick).
Forming base and sidewalls of pot.
Shaping pot interior, probably using a stone.
Forming lip of pot.
Forming a "nub" on lip of pot, using a moistened leaf.
Forming base of pot: note handle on wooden bowl that holds the clay.
Woman potter: face, hairstyle.
Forming knobs on pot for rope handle.
"Queen of Sheba" Palace (Axum):
Excavations: general view.
Circular stone altars within a wall.
Excavations, stone altar, Stone walls.
Stone step, possibly for throne: good workmanship.
Stone wall: semi-rough, dressed stone at corners, off seat stones.
Dressed stone: one stone showing what may have been base for a column.
Dressed stone.
Trench. Reconstructed wall.
Walls, stonework, dressed stone.
Arch (window?) in wall.
Drainage opening in stone wall.
Two stone drainage channels.
Crude stone stellae or obelisks.
Stone slabs; possibly burial place of Queen of Sheeba.
Stellae or obelisks.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Adwa, Axum, Yeha, Village life, Marketplaces, Churches, Antiquities
Tags: Adwa | Antiquities | Axum | Churches | Marketplaces | Village life | Yeha
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