Turkey 1967 Reel 48 of 52

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:36

Film ID F16-0339
Film Description Reel 48 of 52
Unedited travelogue
Ayvali K. Dardanelle
Canakkale Museum


Reel 48 of 52
Unedited travelogue
Ayvali K. Dardanelle
Canakkale Museum

Cat. Reel 339 1967: Reel 48: Turkey. June 24-26. Bergama. Pitane. Ayvalı. Dardanelles. Troy. Çanakkale.

Dionysus temple: backstage level, pan to wall.
Carved marble: floral motif.
Dionysus temple: sidewall, stone paneling.
Cisterns backstage: for water or wine.
Cistern, cover flange.
Theater: view from stage.
Seat with foot-space.
Stage: view from above, showing cisterns backstage.
Stage, aisle from above.
Upper entrance to theatre.
Agora from road.
Catapult balls.
Roman homes.
Wall painting in house of King Attalos: depicts Pergamon house of Roman period.
Mosaic patterns in Attalos' house (mcu).
Agora: view from Attalos' house.
Fort or tower: view from Attalos' house.
Two towers, wall.
Road to two towers.
Stairs, gate (arched and vaulted) to wall by two towers.
Gymnasium: alcoves for resting: flat arch with hanging keystone.
Two line s of columns at right angles.
Marble basins: tiered, for washing clothes.
Marble basin: end section.
Marble basin interior.
Broken bits of pots, used to hold water: note lip.
Bath house: plastered wall, holes to hold decorative layer of plaster.
Clay pipe in alcove: for bathwater.
Column with one lintel.
Clay pipe "cemented" into hollow stone.
Temple of Demeter. Stub of circular tower.
Walls beside Demeter temple.
Approach to Demeter temple.
End of Bergama. Roman Fort (Pitane)
Towers, walls, stairs, funnel-shaped arch on gateway.
Tobacco drying: in town, on poles
Tobacco harrow.
Ayvalı on the Aegean Sea en-route to Çanakkale (pan shot).
Dardanelles: view from Tusas Hotel at or near Troy.
Theater at Troy: high balustrade between seats and orchestra area.
Stone seats.
Çanakkale Museum: Articles found at Troy:
Three clay pots.
Four Hellenistic vases with figures.
Hellenistic decorated vessels: five shots.
Vase with long (broken)handle.
Clay woman: Roman period.
Roman oil lamp.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Canakkale Museum, Bergama, Pitane, Ayvalı, Dardanelles, Troy, Çanakkale, Roman antiquities, Greek antiquities