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Turkey 1967 Reel 39 of 52


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Film Id:F16-0330
Film Description:Reel 39 of 52
Unedited travelogue


Reel 39 of 52
Unedited travelogue

Cat. Reel 330 1967: Reel 39: Turkey. Konya. Çatalhöyük.
At private museum

Ceramic statue of Sumer period (cu).
Ceramic figure, brown: faces with hats: Hittite.
Blue glazed Seljuk vase with metal top.
Ceramic of First Century A.D., partly a head.
Five Hellenistic oil lamps.
Broken ceramic lovers: Fourth Century B.C.
Ceramic face: Gordian.
Head of buffalo: 8,000 B.C.
Hittite pot.
Pot with strainer-spout.
Marble head of a man: Third century A.D.
Marble face of woman.
Marble face of man: second century A.D.
Marble face of a man: Greek, 4th Century B.C.
Turkish idol of 3rd Century B.C.: tile with clay base (*see K's notes)
Cup with handle, tile-covered clay base: 13th Century A.D.
Clay vase with twisted handle: Hittite, 8th Century B. C.
Two painted clay figures: Hellenistic.
Fired clay wine pot with face of Bacchus: found at Troy.
Silvery eagle statue for flagstaff: Black Roman Period.
Two make-up containers with make-up stick of carved elephant
tusk: Fifth Century B.C.
Gold mask: "Frig" — Midas country: 1200-1500 B.C.
Silver mask of man.
In Konya:
Mevlana Mosque: 13 domes, small minarets (pan)..
Tomb of Tavus Baba, Tavusbaba Tomb belongs to Seyh Tavus Mehmet El Hindi, a Seljuk Period holy man (Sufi saint).
Salt jar and rug with Arabic script, at tomb.
Water-lifting pole with stork's nest on it.
Excavations (at Çatalhöyük, wall paintings).
Ancient paintings: original red paint.
Hollowed stone, possibly wheat mortar.
Ruins: alcoves in kitchen or temple.
Flat Anatolian plain.
Mud village.
Village minaret.
Blue flowers on plain.
Mud hut with chimney.
Weaving by prisoners (in Konya).
Elaborate, colored carpet design.
Prisoners weaving carpet: woofless vertical loom, note design pattern.
Carpets (cu).
Spindle, weaving (at Sille).
Colored yarn.
Caves: inhabited 5,000 years ago (distant).
Wooden-frame balcony.
Rooftops. Chimney pots.
Street: wooden balconies (Sille).
At Byzantine Church in Sille: building is 3rd Century, wood
is Eighteenth Century:
Ceiling decoration and painting of Christ, gilt and painted carving.
Side wall paintings.
Carved, painted panel: a vine.
Byzantine Church: decorated pulpit: paintings, carved gilt wood.
Carved, gilt, painted wood decorations.
Church: carved stone above entrance.
Sille Village: steps up wall to mud roof. Stone roller.
A Seljuk Han: 13th Century: stone arches, interior views, recess
in wall for door bar.
Recess in wall: for guard or decoration.
A Seljuk Han: exterior: slot. Windows in tower.
Entrance to Han.
Elaborately decorated horse-carts at place of decoration (in Konya)
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Sille, Konya, Çatalhöyük, Antiquities, Mosques, Churches, Sufi shrines
Tags: Antiquities | Çatalhöyük | Churches | Konya | Mosques | Sille | Sufi shrines
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