Turkey 1967 Reel 38 of 52

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:57

Film ID F16-0329
Film Description Reel 38 of 52
Unedited travelogue


Reel 38 of 52
Unedited travelogue

Cat. Reel 329. 1967: Reel 38: Turkey. June 6-8. Avanos. Avcılar. Kayseri. Kültepe. Güvercinli.

Potter's wheel: Clay shaft of Kick wheel, in operation.
Clay vessel: water for potter.
Storage vat for granular clay.
Potters, pots in yard.
In Avcılar:
Weaving carpet: No woof: vertical loom, (cu).
Yarn on loom: design in cellophane bag.
Carpet on loom.
Cross-section design,.
Winding yard from large wooden spindle.
Spindle girl: note jaw (cu).
Girl (cu).
Carpet, (cu).
Baking oven: chaff for fuel, stored in stone chamber.
Women and man on mules.
In Kayseri:
Carved stone above entrance to Leaded Mosque.
Schedule of times for prayer on chalkboard.
Painted dome interior.
Fountain where Muslims wash before prayer: Stone-arched pavilion
Leaded Mosque: note stork.
Carved stone front to Sahabiye medresesi(Seljuk)(1267).
Street and market scenes inside Old Fort.
High wall of stone.
Great Mosque: washing feet, stone stools.
The Turning Vault: conical top.
Stone carving: "Tree of Life."
Entrance: carved lions and "Tree of Life."
Stone steps in base of vault.
At Ruins of Karum Kanes: [Kültepe}
Pottery sherds.
Broken pot.
Clay vessels.
Piles of sherds.
Brick wall.
Clay manger for animals: hole for halter straps.
Broken pot, sherds.
Stone walls of a room.
Rectangular hole with rim of stones.
The Excavation (pan shot).
Cooking place: circular ring of stones.
Walls, ruins.
Ruins of rooms.
Stone watering trough.
Excavations (pan).
Stone door socket.
Square entrance to grain storage.
A "two-position" fireplace.
Grain grinder stone.
Flat stone of market place and road.
Stone watering trough.
Stone vessel for collecting water.
Metate: grain grinder.
Flint for cutting.
Houses, cliffs (in Güvercinli).
Two vertical views.
Barred door in stone wall.
Grass growing on roof of stone house.
Baking bread: firing oven, using wooden paddle to put in bread.
Donkey, stone manger with hole for strap.
Church: double dome.
Stones with holes.
Metal grill over old stone well.
Large clay pot.
Museum (in Kemerhisar):
Face carved in stone.
Roman aqueduct: many arches.
Stone-sided pool.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Avanos, Avcılar, Kayseri, Kültepe, Güvercinli, Pottery, Ceramics, Bread baking, Roman antiquities, Archaeological sites
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