Tunisia 1967 Reel 31 of 52

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:58

Film ID F16-0322
Film Description Reel 31 of 52
Unedited travelogue
Thuburbo Majus
Qued Ellilu


Cat. Reel 322 1967: Reel 31: Tunisia. April 22. Thuburbo Majus. Zaghouan. Oued Ellilu. Dougga.

Water channel: note arches.
Aqueduct: line of gray stones shows water level (pan shot).
Aqueduct, low arches.
Arch pillars: internal construction revealed.
Aqueduct: cross-section.
Aqueduct: side view: high arches, channel.
Aqueduct (distant Pan).
Woman, water barrel, donkey.
Layer of stones that has separated from a main structure.
Water channel: note lining in broken section.
Aqueduct arches: higher toward Tunis.
Arch construction (mcu).
Broken section of aqueduct.
Very high arches and water channel.
Aqueduct (en-route to Dougga) (distant shot).
Aqueduct (at Oued Ellilu).
Theater ruins (Dougga)
Olive oil mill (cu).
Headless marble statue: note robes.
Doorway, curved corridor under the stands.
Arch. Pan shot from orchestra area to seats to top of theatre.
Rope hole, possibly to hold an awning.
Stage: niches, side entrance.
Orchestra area: holes held stone slabs.
Stage niches. Orchestra area.
Pillars backstage.
Theater (Dougga): View of seats from stage.
Roman road: chariot grooves in stone.
Deep chariot wheel groove,
Door socket.
Stone marked by opening of door.
Jupiter temple: well-preserved.
Statue: head of Jupiter: note teeth.
Forum: sundial lines on stones.
Forum (pan shot).
Jupiter temple (distant view).
Arch of Alexander S. (222 A.D.): stones have slipped a little . Niches
Cisterns supplying aqueduct.
Temple (Coelestis): curved wall in background.
Statue niches: note symmetrical arch (some frames out of focus).
Ruins of homes (pan shot).
Door lock: hole and groove in stone.
Door socket.
Latrine stone,
Mosaics in a home.
Stone door frame: through it, distant temple.
Mosaics: herringbone pattern around stone pool.
Large home: general view.
Side rooms.
Roman public latrine, intact.
Wash fountain.
Door socket and door groove.
Temple of Coelestis (distant shot).
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics huburbo Majus, Zaghouan, Oued Ellilu, Roman ruins