Tunisia 1967 Reel 30 of 52

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:56

Film ID F16-0321
Film Description Reel 30 of 52
Unedited travelogue
Thuburbo Majus


Reel 30 of 52
Unedited travelogue
Thuburbo Majus

Cat. Reel 321 1967: Reel 30: Tunisia. April 21-22. Thuburbo Majus. Zaghouan.

Capital on ground.
Carved cornice at ground level of forum.
Ruins: view from Minerva temple.
Temple of Mercury: a circle of eight column stubs.
Cistern: stone cover, flange.
Drainage hole.
Market place: walls of ancient shops.Shop ruins: interior.
Octagonal stone: probably for sacrifices.
Stadium for boxing matches: two rows of columns, many with top
stones intact (mcu).
Stone mortar for grain.
Stone relief carving: Venus with shell.
Stones with carved inscriptions: originally at the top of a column
Temple of Minerva: view from boxing stadium.
Baths: walls, plastered floor.
Flues for hot bath steam.
Minor migration, using camels.
Tent camp (Firchicle tribe). Sheep.
Tent, brush windbreak.
Fodder or leaves drying on a blanket.
Tying legs of sheep for shearing.
Shearing wool by hand.
Preparing sheep for milking: sheep tied face to face (*see K's notes)
Dragging lamb to tying position (mcu).
Very young girl trying to milk a lamb.
Tying up sheep: note expertise of women.
Sheep (pan view).
Sheep tied up for milking (cu).
Donkey, barrel for transporting water.
Temple of Minerva: gate, general view (distant).
Stone to protect column from chariot wheels.
Latrine (* see K's notes on construction).
Roman villa: fountain, garden, entrance rooms.
Room: piece of slate still in place, held by nails.
Cistern in room: lead cover (same room as above).
Drainage hole and mosaic (same room as above).
Mill for wheat: note angle of groove.
Bath room.
Curved, paved street (mcu).
Bath tub.
Horizontal arch with keystone (mcu).
Stone troughs or mangers: carved inscription, hole for halter strap.
Thuburbo ruins: general view.
Bath: fire port, steam vents, arch of thin bricks.
Mosaic at floor level of bath. Live snail.
Phoenician Temple:
Pedestal: groove for lead-lining of pivot hole.
Aqueduct, large cistern, hole to water.
Three separate ruins: View from cistern.
Temple of Saturn: cistern; note lining of wall, curve of wall.
Leaded holes to hold statues.
Baptismal bath with steps.
Mosaic "in situ."
Olive oil press. Cistern.
Modern mosaic fountain.
Hadrian temple: arches, walls, niches.
Roman aqueduct running from Zaghouan to Tunis
Water channel atop arches.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Thuburbo Majus, Zaghouan, Roman ruins, Phoenician ruins