Tunisia 1967 Reel 25 of 52

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:22

Film ID F16-0316
Film Description Reel 25 of 52
Unedited travelogue
Beni Barka
Beni Khedoache
Jerid Oasis


Cat. Reel 316 1967: Reel 25: Tunisia. April 1. Beni Barka; Ghomrassen; Hadada; Beni Khedache; Gafsa; Nefta; Tozeur Jerid Oasis.
Pan shot to mountain top.
Entrances to rooms in side of mountain.
Water jugs in yard.
Stone buildings on side of cliff.
Road to summit.
Projecting stone steps to doorway.
Ghorfa-like buildings.
Rubble-filled street.
Plain from mountaintop.
Grain fields.
Ditch. Many troglodyte homes (en-route to Ghomrassen).
Tomb on mountain (Ghomrassen) (distant shot).
Ghorfas (Hadada).
Steep steps to Ghorfas.
Small, projecting stone steps.
Ghorfas: ventilation pipes.
Three-storied Ghorfas: (Beni Khedache): Long, steep steps.
Plains, hills (distant).
Cattle on plain (en-route to Gafsa).
Brush enclosure.
Nomad skin tent. Brush fence. Women and children.
Nomad tent interior:
Nomad woman weaving: by hand, small wooden loom (mcu).
Carpet (cu).
Citadel (Gafsa): note horseshoe arch.
Stone citadel: interior.
Roman bath (Gafsa), Boys in pool, Latin-inscription on wall.
Loom weaving: teapot on side of loom (mcu).
Roman ruin (at or near Gafsa).
Charcoal kiln
Camels at pasture (en-route to Tozeur).
Reed terrace to prevent erosion.
Planting palm fronds by road.
Planting eucalyptus trees in desert.
Minaret (Tozeur). Square.
Souvenir shop: hats, basket work, wooden furniture.
Four rugs for sale at tourist shop (cu).
Concrete barrage in irrigation ditch to apportion water among
sections of oasis.
Irrigation canals: water from springs (Tozeur). Date palm
Palm logs forming bridge.
One canal crossing another.
Date palm grave.
Canal barrages for water distribution. Two examples.
Dates on date palm.
Dry irrigation ditch in grove.
Log shelter in grove.
Man working: short handled "pick shovel."
Date palm tree: root system.
Female tourists on camels (Nefta).
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Beni Barka, Ghomrassen, Hadada, Beni Khedache, Gafsa, Nefta, Tozeur, Jerid Oasis, Ghorfas, Granaries