Tunisia 1967 Reel 24 of 52

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:20

Film ID F16-0315
Film Description Reel 24 of 52
Unedited travelogue
Beni Barka


Cat. Reel 315 1967: Reel 24: Tunisia. March 30. Adjim. Tataouine. Douiret. Chenini.Beni Barka.

Reed fishing traps waiting for ferry to Djorf on mainland (at Adjim).
Boats at pier.
Poling a boat. Note long sail.
Fishing boats at pier.
Turtle: Incrustation on back.
Pottery for sale.
Rubber water bucket for sale.
Wall of old Ghorfa (Tataouine).
Rear of Ghorfas being reconstructed: note ventilation holes, absence
of entrance (cu).
Portion of reconstructed area: note "whitewash."
Ghorfas before reconstruction.
Companion steps to entrance.
Alcove in Ghorfa: note rounded ceiling, (cu).
Pivoted wooden door (cu).
Entrance to Ghorfas, steps, stone platform at door above street level
Steps (cu).
Steps leading to stone platform.
Ghorfas: street view.
Broken steps, stone platform.
Mesa peaks (on way to Douiret) (distant shot).
Tiers of homes (Douiret) (distant view).
Fort atop mountain (Douiret).
Street on top of mountain.
White door to a home.
Door and entrance: note steps above door.
Stone steps to stone platform projecting from entrance.
Opening into mountainside, pan to sky.
Looking down into a yard.
Yard: from above: goats and grass on roof (overexposed).
Projecting platform.
Stone "bridge" from door to roof of another building.
Curved steps.
Ruined Ghorfas.
Surrounding area. (distant view).
Family group. (Douiret).
Woman (cu).
Buildings on a hill (Chenini).
View to top of mountain (100 mm).
Ghorfa-like building.
General views (Chenini).
Home on mountainside (Beni Barka).
Stone houses.
Building a Ghorfa-like building. Note wooden framework of dome-top.
Man tossing mud to man on roof.
Women at well
Yards and homes on mountainside.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Adjim, Tataouine, Douiret, Chenini, Beni Barka, Ghorfas, Granaries, Berber people, Berbers