Tunisia 1967 Reel 20 of 52

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:59

Film ID F16-0311
Film Description Reel 20 of 52
Unedited travelogue
Ali Benioussa
Ain Tounine


Reel 20 of 52
Unedited travelogue
Ali Benioussa
Ain Tounine

Cat. Reel 311. 1967: Reel 20 Tunisia. Matmata, Tamezret. Ali Benioussa. Ain Tounine. Trajane.

In cave: iron bed. pictures on walls, ceiling: note shape.
Drum for water.
Tree in courtyard, with protecting sticks.
Stone mill, handle to turn upper stone.
Fireplace: three metal points.
Tunnel with stone arch: running out to mountainside (*see K's notes).
Pan shot up sidewall to sky.
Niche, in dirt wall.
Stone houses (en-route to Tamezret).
Olive oil mill house. Man in doorway.
Town: general view (Tamezret).
Town scenes. Rock buildings, steep steps, mud roofs.
Broken water jug used as chimney.
Courtyard, women and children, from above.
Brush stored on roof.
Two white shrines (distant view).
En-route to Ali Benioussa. Courtyard of a home:
Entrance. Meat drying.
Entrance: baby, niches, palm leaf awning.
Pan shot up sunken courtyard sidewall to sky.
Tunnel to "outside world."
Carved arch of wooden door to dug-out room.
Reed barrier to door (cattle room?).
Meat drying. Long mattress or pillow on stone ledge.
Children on edge of the hole.
Tunnel up to ground level, grass bundle in tunnel (Ali Benioussa).
Mosque. Former Berber palace now used by Auto Club o f Tunisia:
note furniture carved from stone walls, other carvings.
Toe holds in wall for climbing to room.
Steps dug-out.
Doorways, rooms, "men's room."
Utensils on kitchen wall: reconstructed.
Dug-out bed with quilts.
Berber Village (Ain Tounine):
Courtyard. Steep steps. Meat drying.
Skins drying.
Buildings forming a square court.
"Chicken coop" made from tile pipes.
Entrances to dugout rooms.
Churn: small skin bag rolled over woman's knee.
Teapot over fire in hole in stone.
Baby in swinging crib (mcu).
"Diggings" for underground homes (en-route to Trajane).
Trajane (distant).
Views of village: stone buildings, flat mud roof.
Stone manger.
Coop or dog house. Donkey nose slit for breathing.
Woman with earrings(cu).
People. Stone houses.
Checker-like game played with stones.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Matmata, Tamezret, Ali Benioussa, Ain Tounine, Trajane, Bedouin people