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Tunisia 1967 Reel 19 of 52


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Film Id:F16-0310
Film Description:Reel 19 of 52
Unedited travelogue


Cat. Reel 310. 1967: Reel 19: Tunisia. March 23-25. Skhira. Mahares. Sfax. Gabes.

Kitchen in Bedouin tent: pottery, fireplace, dishes, pails,
jugs. Thatched walls.
Bedouin operating stone grinding mill: note attachment of stick
handle to stone (cu).
Bedouin rug (mcu).
Sieve with string mesh (cu).
Brush corral.
Metal water drum at reed hut.
Woman wearing necklaces, chain over head to hold earrings (cu).
Stone cistern.
Long stone house, thatched roof.
Stone chicken coop or doghouse.
Camel with stick in nose (cu).
Stone palace of Roman king (S. of Mahares): construction details
Fishing boats under sail.
Two reed fish traps.
Mirab in mosque: tile decoration,
Bedouin home, kitchen: mud and thatch, baskets.
Chain camel hobble.
Bedouin village: thatched houses, brush wall.
Art Museum (Sfax):
Manikins in cases: coin jewelry and headpiece, embroidered
jackets, carpet, decorated robe (cu).
Metal olive oil lamp.
Tile sidewalls in courtyard.
Drainpipe in courtyard.
Stone carvings.
Market place: arched stone interior, clothing for sale.
Fishing boat, nets (Mahares).
Ancient Jewish synagogue: interior: scroll on gazelle skin (mcu).
Religious implements.
Large uneven foot-powered grindstone.
Bedouin girl (cu).
Skin tent, girl, meat drying on rope, stone house, yard.
Punic tombs at Bou Chemma: stone markers (cu).
Women with large water jugs (cu).
Troglodyte homes: entrances, storage niches in wall, steep steps,
doors to dugouts (Matmata)
Pan shot from inside sunken courtyard to top of excavation.
Room dug into earth in courtyard wall. Jug.
Pitcher in a niche.
Metal containers on earthen platform in sides of courtyard.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Punic antiquities, Bedouin people, Skhira, Mahares, Sfax, Gabes, Municipalité de Sfax Musee, Taparura
Tags: Bedouin people | Gabes | Mahares | Municipalité de Sfax Musee | Punic antiquities | Sfax | Skhira | Taparura
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