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Niger 1967 Reel 5 of 52


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Film Id:F16-0296
Film Description:Cat. Reel 296 1967: Reel 5: Niger. Feb. 11-12. Guide. Ider. Gaovey. Gamkale. Birni N'konni. Ayorou.

Street, Straw stored on roof (Ider).
Woman pounding millet: mortar, long wooden pestle. Woman with
gourd: Four braids.
Street: huts, shelters (pan).
Restaurant: "Bar Restaurant Vietnam" (Berni N'konni).
Yard scenes. Roof shelter, gourds, bags.
Clay animal figure on side of hut.
Hut under construction: decoration over door.
Outdoor kitchen : gourds, chicken, pot boiling.
Village scenes: women carrying gourd dishes.
Branch framework of hut: Apex of frame (cu).
Woman spinning cotton: simple hand spindle.
Village scenes: people, huts, clay storage vessel, carrying-yoke
for large gourd water jugs.
Man on horseback: large stirrups.
Wooden vessels. Fire behind windbreak. Hut in brush enclosure.
Grass fire (8 fps).
Roasting meat.
River market (called Gaovey) in Niamey (*see K's notes):
Boats: many dugouts (mcu).
Shore scenes:
Fish for sale (at Ayorou).
Ayorou Sunday Market on Niger R. (north of Niamey): goods
arriving in boats, goods for sale, crowds.
Gourds, pumpkins for sale.
Many people at market.
Tuareg people: blue veil, sword or dagger.
Wares, people, pots, at market.
Meat roasting on clay oven.
Market scenes: variety of people in traditional dress, goods for sale.
Boats on shore.
Stock of grain bags. Market: general view.
Chief: reed hat.
Wood for sale.
Market scenes: people: note Tuareg with square "veil."
Cutting block of salt with saw: using feet to hold block.
Man with yellow gown, long sword.
Camel market:
Camel herd (cu).
Camel resting: neck straight out.
Y-shaped wooden saddle on camel.
Board; saddle (cu) .
Cattle market.
People in blue, white cloaks.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Tags: Ayorou | Birni N'konni | Marketplaces | Niamey
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