Japan 1965 Reel 26 of 40

Category: Travelogue

Length: 15:23

Film ID F16-0277
Film Description Reel 26 of 40
Unedited travelogue
Mt. Aso

In a small shrine: Altar, screen.
Rice terraces on way to Mt. Aso volcano(ws).
Steam from volcano (distant).
Rice paddies in bottom of crater.
Crater wall, mountains (distant).
Rice paddies. Mountains (ws).
Crater wall, road to crater plain.
Steam from vent.
View from Mt. Aso's rim: volcanic activity, vents, sulfur deposits
Sulfur vent.
Grass-covered cone (distant).
Cows at pasture: owner's name on sides.
Altar (cu).
Carved wood at shrine(cu).
Lacquer shop (in Marugame): making a bowl using electric powered lathe.
Carving out a tray: power saw, hand chisel.
Lacquering a dish by hand (cu).
Polishing red lacquer using a cloth.
Cutting out plate design: hand tool.
Women lacquering: work benches, lacquer pots: some dark interior shots
4 lacquer designs.
Samples of lacquer ware (7 views): one depicting mountains and buildings
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Beppu, Usuki, Mt. Aso, Beppu, Marugame, Takamatsu, Textiles, Lacquer, Handcrafts