Japan 1965 Reel 19 of 40

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:24

Film ID F16-0270
Film Description Reel 19 of 40
Unedited travelogue
Ikuchijima Island


Cat. Reel 270 1965: Reel 19: Japan. Apr. 28-29. Ikushijima Island. Kurashiki

Carved wood in alcove at temple: robed figures.
Carvings: Four-figure groups.
Wooden demon, foot on head of baby.
Four carved, decorated wooden panels (some underexposed).
Temple gate.
Koyomona: wooden figurines:
Statue: many arms.
Four corner post brass plates of Buddha.
Carved panel: Four figures.
Buddha statue: many arms.
Gilt ceiling-corner carvings: demons.
Gilt carvings: demons.
Ceiling carvings: figures, demons.
Carved, gilt demons.
Long green demon.
Carved demon (cu, out of focus).
A painting: many figures.
Statue: Buddha holding jug.
Panel scene: Five people.
Ceiling corner.
Ceiling: Six views.
Carved dragon, white.
White demon (cu, out of focus, 100mm).
Gilt dragon, other scenes and details (100mm).
Covered walk: decorated.
Small vermilion temple: exterior.
Temple on hill: circular mid-section.
Powered fishing vessel.
Farmhouse, yard.
Fish trap in Makidoni River.
Dam, spillway.
Tobacco curing house. Plastic covering over tobacco plants
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Ikuchijima Island, Kurashiki