Iran 1963 Reel 9 of 25

Category: Travelogue

Length: 16:42
Film ID F16-0235
Film Description Reel 9 of 25
Unedited travelogue


Cat. Reel 235 1963: Reel 9: Iran. Isfahan. April 10-12.

Man on donkey.
Pigeon cotes (distant shot),
Ventilation hole for stone wheel mill.
Stone wheel mill (cu).
Village gate (600 years old).
Old lock.
Stone pivot for door.
Village wall.
Women filling clay vessels in stream: note well with wheel.
Hubble bubble pipe. Tea-making, using charcoal tray.
Brass water vessel for tea.
Tower used as a home: woman in door.
Storage compartment.
Irrigation ditches.
Donkey with load of straw.
Water wheel.
Typical village street.
Calligraphy. Carving on wall.
Ventilation holes.
Carving (cu).
Calligraphy (cu).
Mushi cemetery and village.
Village scenes.
Views of Ali Qapu. Decoration in music-chamber.
Oxen carrying plow to field.
Sheep or goats.
Stone mill (cu)
Brick kiln.
Loading dirt on donkeys.
Breaking earth clods with mallet.
Plain or desert, mountains in distance.
Roof top.
Bricks drying.
String yarn: note bobbins, guiding stick.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Isfahan area, Ali Qapu, Handcrafts, Village life